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We offer a ‘man and a van’ service. For heavier and bulkier items that one professional mover cannot reasonably move on their own you will need to offer adequate help. Or just book two movers below and we can complete full service.

1x professional mover and van
Item(s) can be handled by one mover, and/or you will provide adequate assistance at pickup and drop off locations

2x professional movers and vans
Full service option, and you can still help lift and load to save time and money

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professional mover and van

Need an extra man?

Our service is a man and a van, so if you have something heavy either make sure you are there to help or book two vans when you check out.

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  • 1 professional mover
  • Jumbo Ford Transit van
  • Delivery into your home or office
  • Includes 10-minutes loading and unloading time
  • Customer assistance may be required for larger and heavier items

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# Please note this an estimate only. Final fee will be based on actual start and finish time to complete. Gratuity and tolls taken while on your job are not included in this estimate.