Is Yellow Express open?

Yellow Express is closed for summer 2019. We will be reopening bigger and better on September 1.

Who are the Yellow Express heroes?

Each operator owns their vehicle, equipment and local territory in which they operate. They are franchisees so they do nothing else except service your local area. And most importantly they are invested in their own business. No gig workers here!

Who are Yellow Express?

Yellow Express is a company that instantly helps move, haul and deliver your stuff across town by connecting you with our local professional operator’s in their big yellow vans. We’ve been compared to popular ride sharing companies but instead of moving people, we move people’s stuff.

Like you’re stuck at Costco with a bunch of stuff and you can’t fit it in your car. Or you bought something on Craigslist and own a Prius. Or, hey, you’re moving and don’t know want to rent a truck, but you still want to help so you don’t need movers.

Why wouldn’t I just call a mover?

Movers hate doing small loads. It’s not efficient and they will charge you a minimum in the hundreds of dollars. They also don’t want you to help.

Why not just rent a truck?

We the gap between a full-service mover and a truck rental company. We’re on demand, so use us when you need us, and you can help us lift, load and pack the van saving you more.

Can Yellow’s pickup items I buy on Craigslist?

Ahhh, just what we were made for. We know exactly how annoying it is to find the perfect new table for your condo, but you can’t get it home. Just jump on the app or book online and we’ll be happy to help.

What about store delivery?

We all know what it’s like to go and buy a flat screen TV for the big game and then you have to wait 4-days for delivery. Not anymore. We can deliver straight from the store, in as little as a few hours.

Can Yellow Express send sensitive documents.

With a locked and secure van, live tracking, background checked drivers and formed from a company that’s almost over 90-years-old you can absolutely trust us with anything and everything. We’re even trusted by the U.S Department of Defence, so we’re pretty solid.

When do you operate?

We offer services 7-days a week. Our typical operating hours for jobs is between 7am and 8pm each day. If you need something outside of these times please contact us so we can help you.

How much does it cost?

Use our online estimator or app to get a price for your specific job. We charge a booking fee, and for time and miles on the job once we start at the pickup. Our rates are all inclusive, and we do not charge any hidden extras.

I own a store and want to provide on-demand delivery to my customers

We are the perfect on-demand solution for your store and your customers. We can integrate with your shopping cart or simply provide you a cheaper rate so everyone is a winner. We will provide you with in-store collateral so your customers know you offer this service. See out Business Partner page for more information.

Is there anything that Yellow Express won’t pick up?

Our drivers are strong, trained and come with their own purpose built vehicle, so we can move most household stuff. But they’re only human, so for anything you couldn’t reasonably expect one person to pick up (anything over 50lbs or incredibly bulky), you need to have someone who is able to help or book a two man job.

Our vans are forklift accessible for pallets of goods. We also can carry artworks and antiques as we are professional movers, but please make note of special items when booking. We can fit in potted plants that don’t exceed our cargo hold capacity.

But, we cannot haul:

  • Hazardous materials, including gas bottles
  • Illegal substances
  • Human remains, organs or bodily fluids (yikes!)
  • Yard waste that is not bagged and bundled
  • Pianos
  • Pets
  • Anything that does not fit into a Ford Transit jumbo van

What if I want to send, move or deliver something more than 50 miles?

We can help with that, but it’s out of the norm so you’ll need to contact our support team to book the job in.

What’s the size of your vans?

Our vans are all Ford Transit high-roof long wheelbase vehicles and are huge!

  • 487cb.ft. of capacity (that’s big enough for a 1-bedroom apartment)
  • Forklift accessible with rear and side door, holding up to 3x pallets
  • 4010lbs. of weight can be carried

How do I pay?

You can pay via any credit card from our app or online booking. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB.

We do not accept cash (expect for tips) or check.

Am I expected to tip my driver?

No. This is totally at your discretion. All tips go directly to the driver’s pocket as they earned it.

How do I tip my driver?

You can tip from within the app at check out.

Cancelation policy

If you:

  • Cancel 24hrs or more ahead there is no cancellation fee
  • Cancel within 24hrs of pickup charge there is a $20 booking fee withheld
  • Reschedule your job within 24hrs of pickup there is no charge

What if an item won’t fit into my home or office?

We can leave it in a secure location of your choosing, or deliver it to another location including returning to the store of purchase. The job time and distance will just be extended, no biggie.

Can you pack my home?

Yes, we are full service! Drivers carry protective gear like blankets and straps, but we also have boxes, tape, padding and materials to pack your kitchen, bedroom or any other room.

Can you assemble or disassemble furniture?

Yes, our drivers have a full equipped tool kit on board and can fully dismantle and assemble furniture, including those tricky IKEA pieces.

Can I contact the driver?

Of course. You can text chat or call via the app. We don’t release yours or their number for privacy reasons.

Can I include multiple pick up and drop off locations?

Of course, if they are all in the same local area your Yellow Express driver is at your service until your job is complete.

Can you provide a certificate of insurance?

We sure can. Please email us with your request and blank form.

Yellow Express is closed for summer 2019

We will be reopening bigger and better on September 1